Circuit Board Design & Engineering Services

Capture, Place, Breakout

What we do can be summarized by capture, place, and breakout. We’ll capture your circuit board schematic, place the components, and breakout traces between them so you can make your concept a reality.

Work Directly with an Expert

Let our engineering team design your next printed circuit board layout for your project! We will work directly with you 1-on-1 to design your circuit board. You will have the same contact throughout the entire design process.

Providing You With The Building Blocks For Your Circuit Board

We provide you with all of the building blocks you need to go from schematic to assembled circuit board. These building blocks are called the design package and include Gerber and drill files.

You Choose The Manufacturer

Once completed, we provide you with all Gerber files and documentation required for the manufacturing of your printed circuit board.  That way you are in control and choose when and where your boards are manufactured. This allows you the flexibility to get competitive pricing and switch manufacturers if necessary.

You own your intellectual property, not us. We are not affiliated with any PCB fabrication or assembly houses. We won’t hold your design hostage, guaranteed.

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