Example Work

Example Work

Being a project-based company we have worked on a variety of projects for different customers. The project have included analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits as well as low voltage DC and 120V mains AC systems. Below you will find a description of a selection of projects we have worked on highlighting our breadth and depth in embedded systems including hardware and PCB design as well as firmware development.

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor

The Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor project acquires 1152 sensor analog voltage values (0-3.3VDC) from a 24×48 piezoelectric sensor matrix. We designed the piezoelectric sensor matrix and sourced both prototype and high-volume manufacturing for the sensor matrix which is a CT5 polyester laminate composed of carbon, silver conductive, and dielectric ink layers.

The hardware for this project included a 5VDC USB input and lithium ion battery power system with integrated charging circuitry for portability. The microprocessor based system reads the sensor matrix at 300Hz using input matrix scanning which utilizes multiple multiplexors and I/O expanders. The systems acquires and processes the analog pressure sensor data from a voltage divider and then scales and transfers it using direct memory access sent over a universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) in packets. The UART then connects with a host computer via USB or bluetooth where the sensor data is displayed.

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Ignition

Other Projects

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